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Sue Kolc

Member Dues Now


In recent years there have been two membership categories for AHYC, Family and Individual. Because families are welcome at most Club events regardless of membership category, the Board decided beginning in 2017 to eliminate the multiple membership categories, and have only one category “Member.” A Member’s spouse/significant other and children under 18 years of age will have the privilege of enjoying all activities of the Club. Dues for all Members will be $50.00, which is the average of the former Individual and Family Memberships.


Spouses/significant others and children are welcome at the Annual Meeting, but each Membership will be entitled to only one vote at the Annual Meeting and at any other special meetings that may be needed.


If you have any questions about this change, feel free to contact any Board member for clarification.

Membership Only


Membership & BI Mooring


New Applications

Applications for a new membership can only be submitted if you are sponsored by 2 members in good standing. If you are unable to be sponsored please attend our events.  Once your application is recieved it will be brought to the board at the next meeting for review. Board meetings are held once a month. You will be notfied of your application's status within 48 hours of the meeting.


The preferred method of submitting your 2020 Membership Application is through our on-line form. However, you still may submit via mail.

Please mail your completed form to


PO Box 7628

Warwick, RI 02886

You may include payment by check made payable to AHYC or through PayPal (AHYC1968@gmail.com).

Cash only accepted during the Annual Meeting or the May Breakfast.