Maximum of 40 Boats allowed to sign up.

Payments must be received by April 1st.


Mooring rights will be awarded April 1st as follows:

  • Returning 2019 AHYC Mooring Right Holders

    Guaranteed providing 2020 payment is received by April 1st.

  • 2020 AHYC Members Requesting Mooring Rights

    Based on date payment received.

  • New 2019-20 Members

    Based on date correctly completed application and payment was received

  • Payments received after April 1st.

    Based on date payment received.

There will be no refunds of mooring dues once the lottery has been held.

No  Exceptions.

Block Island Mooring

Reservations Closed

For mooring questions contact


Mooring use is now 1st come until May 24th

Send in your primary and secondary request dates

** Mandatory 3 Boat Raft **


Location Coordinates

41 11 18.4     71 34 51.3

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, we are not sure what restrictions, if any, Block Island is going to impose this season. The mooring lottery is postponed until we obtain more information

Block Island Mooring Rules and guidelines


This mooring is a special benefit for AHYC members, and all members with mooring rights are expected to treat this benefit with fairness for all members.    Therefore, these rules and guidelines are established to ensure fair usage of this Block Island mooring by all members with rights to this mooring.   AHYC members with rights to use this mooring agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines and any rules from the Block Island Harbor Master, and any other appropriate regulatory agencies.


  • Rights to use this mooring are established as an additional annual assessment to the AHYC membership.   Only boats with optional Block Island mooring rights are allowed to use this mooring.  The Block Island Harbor Master will be provided with an up to date list of boats with rights to use this mooring.


  • Captains are responsible for the safety of their boat while on the mooring.  Adverse weather conditions may require boats to move off the mooring. 


  • Boats must fly the AHYC burgee, and captains will need to have their valid up to date AHYC membership card with them.


  • Burgees can be purchased for $26.  They are available at Apponaug Harbor Marina office, Email or call Kim at 401-499-3190


  • Captains with a reservation who will be arriving after 3 PM must contact the Block Island New Harbor Harbormaster to inform them that you are underway, so the harbormaster does not rent out an "empty" mooring.  Captains must notify the Block Island New Harbor Harbormaster upon their arrival to this mooring.


  • The mooring will hold a maximum of 3 boats.    


  • Unauthorized boats on the mooring (boats without mooring rights, or boats not on the reservation calendar) should be brought to the attention of the Harbormaster, who will require them to move, or fine the offending party.  Unattended boats that should not be on the mooring will be moved by the Harbormaster. 


  • Boat crews and guests are expected to respect their neighbors, both on this mooring and on those nearby.


  • The AHYC mooring will be usable under a reservation system to ensure fair access by members with rights to this mooring.  The mooring reservation season will begin the Saturday, May 27th (Memorial Day weekend), and ends on September 10th (weekend after Labor Day).  Outside of this period, the mooring is usable on a first come first served basis, and not subject to any time restrictions as set forth in these rules.


  • Each season, boats with rights to this mooring may use the mooring for up to 14 days, with a maximum stay of 7 consecutive days, and including a max of 3 weekends.  These times may be adjusted based on availability of the mooring and at the discretion of the AHYC mooring committee.


  • An on-line reservation calendar will be viewable by all AHYC members.  Members with rights to use this mooring will be assigned a user name (one user name per boat) and password to enter reservations onto the calendar.  This calendar will not be available during the off season, but will be accessible to members in the middle of May. Reservations may also be requested via email or text to AHYC.  Boats on the mooring with no reservation must vacate the mooring when boats with reservations arrive. 



  • A reservation lottery will be held the 1st Saturday of May each year, members who have paid for mooring rights by April 15th will be eligible to participate in requesting a single reservation, based on a schedule set up and communicated by the AHYC mooring committee.  After that, beginning May 15, reservation requests may be taken on a first come, first served basis up to the seasonal maximums described in these rules.


  • Rights to this mooring may be terminated by the AHYC mooring committee based on appropriate evidence of rule breaking.


  • Applications for rights to this mooring may be rejected by the mooring committee based on appropriate reasons.


  • The AHYC mooring committee will maintain, review, and update these rules as needed.


Any questions on these guidelines, on mooring usage, or any problems with mooring usage, should be emailed to the AHYC Board at