Welcome to 2020 Racing

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Mike Hackett

Dear AHYC members,


Here are the documents, as revised, for the Tuesday night races.  As you review the documents many familiar with racing on the upper bay will note there are a few changes from previous racing programs: 

1st is that each registrant will be issued a series t-shirt.

2nd we will experiment with a second handicapping system to run concurrently.  This is explained in the notice of race.

3rd we are requiring each skipper to act as race committee, unless a non racer wants to volunteer.


Given the virus impact we may delay the start of the season since we know boats often break the state mandated 6 feet of separation😊  In all seriousness I’m excited to be given a chance to run a series, and hope to make it fun and enjoyable for old timers and hopefully a few newcomers as well. 


If you have questions feel free to reach out to me directly

Mike Hackett


Sailing Instructions

Entry Form

Phil Hecht Memorial Race - TBD



Dickerson Memorial Race - TBD